THAT He Can Complete, Leftist NFL Pseudo-QB Baker Mayfield Embraces Disappointing THIRD Fan-base In Less Than A Year



Cleveland Browns Quarterback Baker Mayfield gets sacked by the New England Patriots, by unknown via dawgpounddaily.com
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Since December 6, 2021, Baker has been with three teams, which is not normal in general and, for the first overall draft pick (in 2018) highly unusual. Nonetheless, since that date a year ago while playing for the Cleveland Browns, he has been traded to the Carolina Panthers, then waived in week 13 and claimed off waivers by the Los Angeles Rams (leaving a 4-8 team for a 3-9 team which surprisingly won the Super Bowl last season).

Now just 67 games into his career (with 65 starts), he is just 30-35, and completing just 61.2% of his passes with 98 touchdowns (TD) versus 62 interceptions (INT) and an 86.5 passer rating.

For this season, he was 1-5 in 7 games (6 starts), with a 57.8% completion rate and 6 TDs to 6 INTs and a 74.4 passer rating. Those are all Colin Kaepernick level numbers.

For 2022, Mayfield also has the second lowest ‘QBR rating’ (100 is perfect, 50 is average) ever since the stat began being used in 2006. His 18.2 Total QBR ranks 520 out of 521 in those 17 years. Only Jimmy Clausen (also playing for the Panthers at the time) in 2010 had a lower rating (13.8).

Writing this we just realized his initials are BM, and boy has he stunk up his career. Enough of the stats though, as this isn’t a sports site it is a political one, so let’s get into his politics. Plus we don’t watch the NFL, and haven’t since the 2012 lockout of referees (so before the kneeling).

Carolina Panthers Quarterback Baker Mayfield gets sacked by the Cleveland Browns, “Carolina Panthers quarterback Baker Mayfield (6) is sacked by Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett (95) after a bad snap.”, by Bob Donnan of USA TODAY Sports, via (Akron) beaconjournal.com

The first time Baker showed his leftism was in the summer of 2020 when someone on social(IST) media asked him to promise not to kneel for the anthem and flag. Mayfield rebuffed that request and embraced ‘blm’ (aka Cultural Marxism).

FACTS: George Floyd was a drug addict with problems caused by that unhealthy lifestyle, and he also ran an armed robbery gang (the reason he traveled between Minnesota and Texas so often) and personally held a loaded pistol to a pregnant woman’s stomach. Oh, and he appeared in porn movies under the name ‘Floyd the landlord’, and essentially killed himself doing drugs.

But according to MSM, democRATs, a jury full of functional retards, and Mayfield, Floyd was a hero who was ‘murdered’ {sic; he was NOT}. ANOTHER FACT: the day he died he complained of not being able to breathe BEFORE he was put into the police car, or taken out of it, or the overly aggressive police officer was rough with him. AND the only reason that all even happened was he passed a phony $20 bill (another crime). Saint George indeed!

In 2019, according to FBI crime stats, 10 unarmed blacks were killed by police…and 5 of those attacked the officers with a motor vehicle before being killed. THERE IS NO RASH OF POLICE MURDERING BLACKS! In fact, blacks kill other groups, especially Whites, at a much higher rate. Not opinion, fact based on actual statistics rather than strong feelings based on intentionally false news reports.

Cleveland Browns Quarterback Baker Mayfield gets sacked by the Los Angeles Rams, “Rams linebackers Clay Matthews, left, and Dante Fowler Jr. sack Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield during the third quarter.”, by Wally Skalij of Los Angeles Times via latimes.com. We looked and couldn’t find a sack on him by Rams when with Panthers.

And if you don’t want to show respect for the national anthem and flag then get the fuck out of my country you communist fuck. And you can stick your ‘social(IST) justice’ up your ass. Those who dare call for ‘racial equality’ {sic} need to check themselves. The NFL is 68% black, while the U.S. population is just 13% black. That is NOT ‘diversity’ {sic}.

There may be hope for him after all though, as earlier this year he got involved in local politics, endorsing a slate of three candidates for school board in the district that included the high school he played football for.

Lake Travis Families PAC put forward individuals who opposed masks and other scamdemic mandates, and also Critical Race(IST) Theory (aka CRT), which they were worried would be inserted into local curriculum despite being banned statewide. That IS how leftists roll!

The problem with so-called “racial justice” that the left pushes is that it just flips the racism they claim already exists. Before 2019 it wasn’t illegal or evil to be White, but as we approach 2023, we are barely not South Africa, where the black majority hunt down and kill White farmers for sport.

The ‘systemic racism’ they claim to oppose is done by them (democRATs), as they have long been the systemic! Some leftists even accused Baker of plotting a future career in politics as his grasp on an NFL job gets ever more tenuous. All three of the candidates he endorsed for Lake Travis Independent School Board did win on May 7, 2022.

Los Angeles Rams Quarterback Baker Mayfield two days before being sacked by the Las Vegas Raiders Thursday, December 8, 2022. by unknown from Rams, via theramswire.usatoday.com. Yes he will be. He is averaging 3 a game over the last 3 years and the Rams front line has been hit with injuries.

We all remember the amazing clip video Odell Beckham Jr.’s dad put together showing Baker ignoring his wide open WR son over and over again. Now neither player is in Cleveland playing for the Browns. Ironically, last season Odell played for the Rams when they won the Super Bowl.

Baker is expected to play tomorrow night (and after wearing #6 in both Cleveland and Carolina, he will break the trend and wear #17), with a limited set of plays since he only has 3 days to prepare. Since QB Matthew Stafford is expected back, Baker is just auditioning over these last 5 games for whatever team he will play for next season. Which will be the 4th disappointed fan-base in 2 years.

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