Crypto World Order, From ‘covid Stimulus’ To War To FTX democRATs Find Creative New Ways To Fund Evil Risky Schemes



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For those with short attention spans, the globalist left want to move us to a digital currency so that they can turn funds off for individuals when you don’t do as you are told (OR simply make your money vanish, AKA steal it) AND also use it to launder stolen taxpayer money AND pay for election theft. Thanks for stopping by.

Now the long way home. democRAts are insidious and evil, not stupid (they just stole their second election in a row and are getting away with both). They did it by paying a LOT of people off after moving taxpayer money through Ukraine (no we are not pro-Russia OR pro-Ukraine, see HERE, HERE and HERE) and added Crypto via ‘FTX’ into the mix for 2022.

What about “due process” and “innocent until proven guilty in a court of law”? The left tell us those are old-fashioned concepts, and they switched to the new “guilty once accused” against President Trump and anyone who supports him beginning in late June of 2015. So turnabout is fair play.

“FTX didn’t ‘invest’ client assets, they ‘donated’ them to politicians. 2nd largest ‘donor’ behind Soros. Not sure if this qualifies as evil dark money or not.”, by monkeyshine69, via Well if Muhammad Saeed ‘Baghdad Bob’ al-Sahhaf says it is okay…

Please notice that leftists never seem to have any problem finding taxpayer dollars (AKA your money) to fund abortion (AKA killing babies that are 50% DNA from the dad, so a unique being and NOT “a part of the mother” as they claim) and things like ‘drag queens’ hanging out with your kids in schools or libraries (AKA buildings we paid for and our kids are forced to be in), among other unneeded things.

It is all about control with leftists. There is no “live and let live”. They NEED power over you, so they don’t have to actually work for a living. YOU are their slave, you just don’t think you are, because they allow you just enough freedom that you don’t notice the chains. Except for 2020 anyway…that is when the cat clawed its way out of the bag and ran for its life.

democRATs and MSM are actual election deniers, who claim their failed steal of 2016 was a rigged election against them. Failed steal? Unless you are an election junkie, you likely missed the entire MSM waiting over 90 minutes to declare Pennsylvania for Donald Trump, which put him over 270 for the Electoral College (AKA one thing that proves we are a Republic and NOT a ‘democracy’ {sic}), despite the NYT election site already showing fewer votes left to count than he was up by.

“FTX Crypto Crash – Hasbullah Despair”, by unknown from twitter, UL by Aidan Walker via

Leftists were trying to steal PA and couldn’t figure out how (but in 2020 they found their answer). Finally, Fox News (now known as Faux Snews, and now run by a Board of Directors that includes Trump-hater and former House Speaker Paul RINO Ryan) caved and declared PA for Trump and within minutes everyone else had too.

Then for 4 years they did everything they could to stop President Trump from dismantling their slavery system (which includes child trafficking), including Paul just handing the House to Nancy Pelosi (AKA NaziPiglosi, that communist bitch with the uber-gay husband).

By 2019, having blocked him as much as they could, they needed to remove President Donald Trump from office and, given how popular he was, that meant rigging the 2020 elections, which would take a LOT of cash. Cue communist China and their virus, which led to lockdowns, then masks, then riots, then stimulus, then mail-in voting, and election theft.

democRATs (and RINOs) used the ‘lost’ covid stimulus to fund that 2020 election theft, likely along with some old-fashioned ‘pressure point’ blackmail on RINOs (such as Brian Kemp and Brad Raffensperger in Georgia). But that wouldn’t work 100% for 2022 and beyond. Enter FTX.

“All your favourite, most trustworthy figures together!”, “Next week the New York Times in partnership with WED partner Accenture is supposed to be hosting a live event with Sam-Bankman-Fried. Sitting next to him will be Zelensky, Zuckerberg and U.S. Treasury’s Janet Yellen.”, by Jeremy Loffredo @loffredojeremy on
‘speech’, by unknown, from unusual_whales @unusual_whales on who said “SBF confirms today he is speaking at NYT for the DealBook Summit. Other speakers include Zelensky, Zuckerberg, and Yellen. It cost $2,499 to attend.”. Look, all the people who deny election theft yet helped steal the 2020 and 2022 elections! Oh and they denied the 2016 CLEAN election too.

Sam Bankman-Fried. BANK. MAN. FRIED. He was even devious enough to lure in ‘celebrities’ to provide cover, and counted on their greed to get them to play along. Here is a list of SOME of those now being sued by ‘just some guy’, AKA Edwin Garrison of Oklahoma, for luring “unsophisticated investors” into a “Ponzi scheme”:

Steph Curry of the NBA Golden State Warriors
Golden State Warriors (the team had a deal separate from Curry’s)
Tom Brady of the NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Gisele Bündchen model and former wife of Tom Brady
Larry David actor and comedian
Shaquille O’Neal retired NBA player
(William) Trevor Lawrence of the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars
Kevin O’Leary businessman famous for being on ‘Shark Tank’ TV show
Udonis Haslem of the NBA Miami Heat
David Ortiz retired MLB player
Shohei Ohtani of the MLB Los Angeles Angels, from Japan
Naomi Osaka professional tennis player, also from Japan

The recent collapse and bankruptcy filing for FTX shows the top 50 clients claiming $3.1 BILLION in losses. The State Securities Board of Texas is also looking into the endorsements of FTX. The enforcement director of the state board, Joe Rotunda, said that “Right now, we’re trying to figure out how a $32 billion company went to zero almost overnight.”

Some online have suggested that Brady and Bündchen may have invested their entire fortunes ($250 million and $400 million, respectively) in FTX, which we personally doubt they would be so stupid as to have done. It is pure speculation though how much any of those people had invested in FTX or what they were paid to promote it.

‘What are the odds?’, by unknown, from Bobby⚡✞ @iBobbyShell on

What is known is that in October, 2022, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was paid a $1.26 MILLION settlement by Kim Kardashian for promoting a crypto token on her Instagram and failing to tell her ‘followers’ there that she had been paid $250,000 to post the endorsement.

The fact remains that the left are SO afraid of President Donald Trump that they are STILL working against him and looking for ways to prevent him from running for President again. Whatever they come up with next will be different from what they’ve used against him already.

‘Jennifer Aniston…’, by unknown, from Christian Bello – Risk Taker @NoRiskNoParty on Well thank God she is okay…

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