Make Your Own ****ing Cakes, The Alt-Far-Left Keep Abusively Trying To Use Courts To Coerce Us Into Baking For Them



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Yes, we do sometimes use strong language in articles, but we really try to keep the headlines clean (for search engine purposes). Also, the first paragraph, as it often gets pulled by sites along with the first picture and headline from the URL. Okay, we should be clear…so anything goes from now on.

We all know that democRATs are the existential threat America faces today. Part of who they are is attempting to force you to do and believe abhorrent anti-science irrational things, as a form of submission to them. Another part is them simply being misandrists, hetero-phobic, anti-white, communists or some combination of the four.

‘Thinking is hard!…’, by unknown, found online. That is what democRATs do…and no thank you.

One of their favorite targets is Jack Phillips, a baker from the Denver, Colorado area. They have attempted for years to break him of his Christian beliefs, but he is still standing strong. To democRATs you can’t have a religious conscience because THEY have no conscience of any kind.

They even corrupted something called the ‘Colorado Civil Rights Commission’ (CCRC), which, other than actually being in Colorado, is a complete fucking lie because Phillips has civil rights too and a commission stomping on those to give precedence to someone else’s civil rights isn’t a proper trade-off.

The first time they came after Phillips was over a ‘same-sex wedding cake’. That case finally got to the U.S. Supreme Court in 2018 and Jack won 7-2 over the CCRC, which had tried to force him and his employees into ‘sensitivity training’. The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) did fine work in his case, and we discussed some of their other work HERE and HERE.

‘We went from…’, by TM @Trouble_Man, found online. Give the left an inch and they will take a mile.

By the time that was over, Jack’s Masterpiece Cakeshop had lost 40% of its business, which was the left’s goal all along. “Do as we say, or pay the price!” is the motto. But that was just the start, as they next came after him for not making a ‘gender-transition cake’ (which they wanted blue on the outside and pink on the inside) for one of their DNA deniers…who again are anti-science as DNA is “settled science”.

Fun Fact: You can have your body surgically mutilated all you want to but you can’t truly change what you were born as.

‘You notice how…’, by Bolen @USCenturion, found online. The slippery slope is so named because of the lube. And we noticed HERE.

On this 2nd cake issue, the ‘gender’ one, a Colorado district court ruled for the man delusionally known as ‘Autumn Scardina'[SIC] and said Phillips violated the state’s anti-discrimination law, but Jack is asking Colorado’s appeals court to overturn that decision. Jack should file a lawsuit against this ‘trans’ for targeted harassment.

But Jack Phillips isn’t the only target now, just a favorite one. Cathy Miller of Bakersfield, California, owns Tastries, and just won a Superior Court decision in that state over her refusal to bake a lesbian wedding cake.

‘licensing…’, by @AmericanAuthentic, found online. You can’t even fish without one!

The lawsuit was brought against her by the Department of Fair Housing and Employment of California, and we have no idea what the fuck that has to do with scissoring. She wasn’t offering them a job or a place to live, and didn’t refuse either thing, so they appear to be out of their lane.

She also cited her Christian faith in declining the work, and is being represented by the Thomas More Society (TMS). As with the Colorado cases, the state of California is trying to make Miller deny her own faith.

‘I just bit…’, by unknown, from ‘PhotoEx’, found online. We also hear they are poisonous.

The state’s lawyers even tried to goad her on if she follows the Old Testament diet restrictions, showing their ignorance of Christianity and its relationship to the News Testament at the same time. We will add here that both bacon and shrimp are delicious. And now we want to try them together on a pizza.

If it reaches that far, SCOTUS will likely refer lower courts to that 2018 decision on the Colorado case. Leftists know the precedent, and choose to ignore it in order to further harass and hope they can force you to bend the knee…and breath in the stench of them.

The Devil’s Advocate Al Pacino Speech Scene 3 (with Keanu Reeves)

[BEGIN QUOTE] “Why the law?

Cut the shit, Dad! Why lawyers?

Why the law?

Because the law, my boy,

puts us into everything.

It’s the ultimate backstage pass.

It’s the new priesthood, baby.

Did you know there are more students

in law school…

…than lawyers walking the Earth?

We’re coming out…

…guns blazing!

The two of you…

…all of us,

acquittal after acquittal after acquittal…

…until the stench of it reaches

so high and far into Heaven…

…it chokes the whole fucking lot of them!” [END QUOTE]–The Devil’s Advocate (1997)

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