Finally Recognizing True Greatness, NBA Retires Julius Erving’s Number ‘6’ Across Entire League



Julius Erving, it is one more Championship than most have, by Andrew D. Bernstein at Getty Images from photostore.nba.com
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The Michael Jordan of basketball before Michael Jordan was Michael Jordan (take THAT search engines), Julius Erving finally had his amazing genius (with a basketball) proven to the entire world when the NBA, for some reason that escapes us, decided to stop playing games and belatedly forbid anyone else from wearing his #6 forever!

Julius started dunking as a little boy, first with donuts in milk. Later he dunked like Forrest Gump ran, everywhere and on everyone. And name anyone else who can sign their own dunk mid click! You can’t!

Julius Erving, MID CLICK ladies and gentlemen!, from Steiner Sports via auctions.nba.com

And he did it not just once, but TWICE!

Julius Erving, AGAIN mid click, from baloncestotec.wordpress.com

Whenever he played, the crowd would chant SIX, SIX, then take a break so as not to be creepy, perhaps think of a different number for a second (such as 37), then chant a third SIX.

Julius Erving dunking on so-called All-Stars, from commons.wikimedia.org

Michael Scott’s favorite source of information states “Before Erving, dunking was a practice most commonly used by the big men, usually standing close to the hoop…however, the way Erving utilized the dunk more as a high-percentage shot made at the end of maneuvers generally starting well away from the basket and not necessarily a show of force helped to make the shot an acceptable tactic…” –Wikipedia (the most pedia source of all).

Julius Erving doing what he does best, from pinterest

Which leads to the only non-dunk shot of his career, which was still an impressive effort that defied the laws of physics AND would have defied the 2020-2022 mask mandates. Ever humble Erving called it “Just another move.”

The only non-dunk of julius erving’s career.

There, ‘TheMAYSTRIA’ at YouTube, you have been Shed’ed so enjoy your 5 clicks.

Adam Silver is the worst commissioner in the history of the NBA, allowing players too much control (super teams), too many steps with no traveling call, dribbling with your palm to the sky and more. It is nice to see him finally do the right thing for a change…

Wait, what? Bill Russell died? We don’t get cable TV here in the Shed. Well that guy won 11 NBA championships in just 13 seasons. That is by far the GOATiest of G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) right there…despite Bill playing against “fireman and plumbers”, right JJ Redick you piece of shit! Well congratulations to Bill (other than being a communist you were a pretty nice guy).

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