Obvious Talking Point Revealed, Mazie ‘Daze’ Hirono Follows Fellow Communist Tim Ryan Lead In Wanting To ‘Kill MAGA’



Extremist Mazie Hirono vows to match Tim Ryan's life goal number of times being a decent human being. Actually "Senator Mazie Hirono speaks during a Senate Judiciary Committee business meeting on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., June 11, 2020." by Carolyn Kaster AP via zocalopublicsquare.org
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democRATs have always been the existential threat America faces and now extremist Senator Mazie ‘Crazy’ Hirono (D is for Deceptive) has stated that sending abortion back to the States is a “call to arms” moment and that it “is an outright attack on women” making “decisions about our own bodies” and “it doesn’t go far enough to call” Republicans “hypocrites”.

This is the same woman(?)* who said she “wonders how some Republicans live with themselves” back on March 28, 2021, per New York Slimes (AKA New York Times). And never mind that a baby’s DNA is unique as it is 50% from each parent and therefore NOT “a part of the mother” but rather a new being which has rights of its own.

Heart by Conn Retweeted, found online. Great question, and one democRATs can’t answer without guaranteeing a ticket straight to hell.

This comes after Congressman Tim Ryan (D is for Duplicitous) decreed that it was time to “kill and confront” Make America Great Again (MAGA), which is a movement wanting America to be put first rather than sending endless tax dollars and other resources overseas to rebuild other countries such as Ukraine (which helped democRATs impeach President Trump after Joe Biden (D is for Draconian) famously bribed them to stop investigating his son’s business dealings there).

Darth Biden himself went full Nazi (national SOCIALIST, and decades of gaslighting aside, socialists are always left wing) recently and channeled his inner Hitler to attack 75 MILLION Americans who disagree with him intentionally destroying our economy and rebuilding Ukraine at our expense with fiat currency (backed by NOTHING) being printed for that purpose rather than improving the lives of Americans who are now burdened by that new debt.

Biden goes full Hitler, by Ben Garrison via grrrgraphics.com

For his part, Ryan (who is running for U.S. Senate in Ohio) is now trying to backtrack and claim his comments pertain only to January 6, 2021, and about protecting Capitol Police. The problem is he said “We’ve got to kill and confront that movement”, which makes it pretty clear his vitriol is directed at ALL of MAGA, not a select few.

democRATS have always been the extremists, they just hid it well, keeping their inner demonic nature in check. They are unleashing and revealing it lately because they think the battle is over and they are in clean up mode. Prove them wrong by volunteering to work elections as a monitor/judge/whatever your area calls it. They can’t steal them if we watch them every step of the way.

*the alt-far-left still say we can’t be sure exactly what a woman is, except when abortion is involved, but then they claim a man can get pregnant, so THEIR science denial gets confusing.

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