Worst Grandfather EVER!, After Almost 5 Years Usurper In Thief Joe FINALLY Acknowledges Grandchild By Hunter Biden



"Hating Grandpa Joe - Grandpa Joe Is A Scumbag", by Adam 'Know Your Meme Universal Champion', via knowyourmeme.com. The original grandpa Joe (from 'Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory', 1971, fame) is a boy scout compared to Joe Biden, what with only pretending to not be able to walk, and then goading Charlie into stealing Fizzy Lifting Drinks.
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Normal parents are thrilled to produce offspring, and normal grandparents look at grandchildren as the culmination of their earlier effort in raising their own children properly. Plus, it means that their bloodlines will continue on.

But what about a now 80-year-old man with dementia, who was 75 when his 7th grandchild, a girl (aka female human, which for any alt-far-leftist reading this means that she was born with female DNA and genitalia) was born?

As he was in the middle of his preparation for stealing the 2020 election (colluding with his fellow democRATs, along with RINOs, MSM, Big Tech, Ukraine and more), while balancing countless other earlier criminal undertakings, to be fair, she was an inconvenient truth.

“bad grandpa”, by us, via imgflip.com. The original found meme had a last line about racism. It was not funny (and they even spelled ‘racist’ wrong). We used the meme template picture, reused their original first line (adding the comma), and wrote a new ending. Honestly, it still isn’t HAHA funny, but it is accurate. Too many ‘old farts’ (some we are related to…) didn’t think ahead and now we are left to deal with the unavoidable and inevitable consequences of their actions.

Our standard disclaimer: we are not pro-Russia, or pro-Ukraine. We are pro-America, first, last and always. We are just pointing out, again, that Ukraine helped democRATs falsely impeach President Donald Trump, and steal the 2020 election, after Joe Biden bribed them with federal dollars if they first didn’t charge his son for his crimes there). And Joe is on video bragging about doing so!

Perhaps he considers ‘7’ to be an unlucky number…at least where grandchildren are involved.

“fear”, by who_am_i, via imgflip.com. It looks like someone finally caught up to Billy.

Alt-far-left-communist-democRATs (including wikipedia, which doesn’t even mention the girl’s name in their Robert Hunter Biden page, but does attack “right-wing media” for doing so; the soulless fucks instead refer to her as “the child”) refuse to discuss Navy Biden (her actual name, so if she makes it to her 80’s she will be ‘old Navy’), while also casting aspersions on Lunden Alexis Roberts while ignoring the MANY failings of Joe’s own son.

Lunden may have been a stripper when they met, but she isn’t any longer, and hasn’t been. Meanwhile, you aren’t allowed to mention ANY of the behavior of ‘Hunter’, even him recently being caught on video at a White House event obviously drugged up.

“Dirty Grandpa”, by El_Joker, via memedroid.com. The original meme didn’t have the upper right blur square. We added that via blur option on imgtools.co, and boy was that difficult to find. None of the others claiming to be able to do that worked! The guy’s face was like that already, and shame on him.

That was also right around the time it was announced that cocaine was found there, and despite that being the most secure building in DC, and security cameras being EVERYWHERE there, it is claimed that they can’t tell we left it.

You can’t even mention that ‘Hunter’ got Lunden pregnant in November of 2017 (more on this shortly). Navy was then born in August, 2018.

Notice it is never fair to bring up his actions, according to the alt-far-left MSM and democRATs. Those two groups constantly protect each other, and attempt to pin their own crimes on us (see what they are doing right now to President Trump).

There is also ZERO chance that Joseph Robinette ‘Beau’ Biden III, the 2-term Attorney General of Delaware (the 2nd ending January 6, 2015) was the only Biden Crime Family (BCF) member to NOT be involved in, well, the Biden family crimes. Just because he died May 30, 2015 at the age of 46, that doesn’t earn him a pass.

“Bad Grandpa…”, by your_stepfather, via 9gag.com. Just as with Cashews, which are actually a fruit, those things around that kid’s neck are not actually nuts. They also aren’t fruit though, either.

No, the person who got the pass was Beau’s widow, Hallie K. Olivere Biden, and it came from her brother-in-law, and Beau’s brother, Robert ‘Hunter’ Biden, who proceeded to stick it to his own sister-in-law with his drug-filled body and his diseased penis for 3 years (2016-2019).

They even moved together, from Delaware to Annapolis, Maryland, with her children from Beau. Please notice that the end of 2017 falls right about in the middle of her relationship window with ‘Hunter’.

Also note that while there are 4 BILLION other human males on Earth, Hallie couldn’t find a non-Biden penis…

During all of this, Hallie even attended Catholic Mass with the family, while encouraging Joe to run for President again in 2020. She is also in too deep to plausibly not be involved in the BCF.

“Bad grandpa”, by plug_socket, found at 9gag.com (and made via makeameme.org). Not accurate or grammatically correct. He can indeed do that second thing, but he most certainly should not. The good news, guys, is that she appears to be single, and she has a good job…

Not to mention how this entire family is an affront to Catholicism AND to Christianity. They have no business going to Mass, and should definitely NOT be partaking of Holy Communion, as there is no way they go to Confession (which is required beforehand).

But ‘Hunter’ wasn’t done with Beau’s corpse yet! Nothing shows love and respect for your dead brother like fucking his widow for years and then naming your child from a future relationship after him. In 2020, he did just that, and Joseph Robinette Biden IV was even given the ‘Beau’ nickname too.

What an honor for that kid! Five bucks says he is committing crimes before he can legally drive a car.

We are told that to notice any of this makes you “right wing”, but today there is no ‘right’ or ‘left’, there are only normal people and communists. If you aren’t a commie, you are demonized by the commies for not being one of them. Their jackboot has to be on your neck or you are “a danger to our democracy[SIC]”.

“Poor Jimmy”, by deamonsayit, via 9gag.com. Unfortunately, this is said by democRATs to kids (including illegal aliens) all over the USA on a daily basis.

The USA is still a Constitutional Republic, just as it has always been, and has never EVER been a ‘democracy'[SIC], which is two wolves and a lamb voting on what is for lunch. Someone should advise Tucker Carlson as he won’t stop saying “democracy”, which is shocking as he is otherwise solid.

Finally, on Friday, July 28, 2023, Joe (we refuse to refer to Joe as the ‘P’ word, as you don’t steal office) decided that with less than a month until Navy’s 5th birthday he would finally mention her publicly, despite having a plethora of opportunities to do so in the preceding 5 years, especially given that he frequently talks about all of his other grandchildren, and how many of them he has (minus her).

Which is worse, having a grandfather who doesn’t acknowledge you exist, or having the most corrupt man in America’s history (the only other Oval Office thief was John Kennedy, and there is no evidence of any further crimes he committed, plus his daddy did the stealing for him) accept you…FINALLY…as part of his family?

“……BAD GRANDPA……”, by Dr_Zol_Epstein_III, via reddit.com. We think he knows that, and you picked the wrong day to get a ride, kid.

According to an article earlier in July, ‘young Navy’ has not only never met her father ‘Hunter’ but also has never met grandfather Joe. Personally, we would rather be ignored and unstained by ‘Hunter’ and Joe’s corruption.

The Biden clan are the creepiest, scummiest, dirtiest, most corrupt family in the history of ever. We have written about Joe, Hunter and the Biden clan MANY times prior (including about Ashley Biden’s diary), and will probably write about them many more times going forward.

Given the nature and extent of their crimes, we would like to write about them being in prison, but unfortunately those protecting them likely won’t allow it. Even now, Joe is attempting to start World War III to block investigations into BCF actions.

The Biden’s are NOT legally ‘the first family’, but they are definitely the worst family.

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