More Powerful Than You Could Possibly Imagine, Tucker Carlson Freed After Keith Murdoch Personally Strikes Him Down



"Fox News VICIOUSLY and UNGRATEFULLY fired a man at the top of his game. I hope they don’t immediately REGRET their decision!!!", 'TRUMP/TUCKER; 2024', by Slobama, via imgflip.com. We still like DeSantis, but it appears he is closer to Paul RINO Ryan than anyone knew, so it would be fun to see Tucker debate Harris. That's the ticket!
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Yes, Rupert is Murdoch’s middle name. Who knew? We didn’t. His real first name is Keith. And there is nothing wrong with that, which makes it all the more strange that he doesn’t choose to use it.

The story that broke today says that 92-year-old Keith “mutually agreed” to deny Tucker Carlson (whose middle nameS, yes two, are “Swanson McNear”…which we also didn’t know until just now) the ability to make Faux Snewz (FNC) vast amounts of money for an hour every night starting at 8pm.

“If you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.” — Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope (1977).

‘NSA: Nerdy Sus Association’, by OFFICIAL_BadassPlaya, via memedroid.com. Who watches the watchmen? If the watchmen are leftists, then nobody. It is not allowed!

‘Force Ghost’ Tucker? Hopefully not, as that concept is stupid, just not as bad as ‘Midi-chlorians’, but who cares, as Disney has done FAR worse to Star Wars since buying it than George Lucas ever did. Oh well, we still have the dozens of edits of the original movies to enjoy!

So what brought this all on? Keith was complicit (he made the decision to “fuck Trump!” by calling Arizona early) in the 2020 and 2022 election theft, and didn’t like his employees letting the cat out of the bag. He successfully muzzled Sean ‘pussy’ Hannity and others, but Tucker Carlson just wouldn’t let 2020, or January 6, 2021, go.

So he had to go, and today (Monday, April 24, 2023) was the day. After ending his Friday, April 21, 2023, show with pizza and a promise that “We’ll be back on Monday.”, he won’t be and it isn’t because he lied. He honestly probably thought at that moment that he would be doing his show again tonight.

“Tucker Carlson’s Jan 6 coverage”, ‘Which is worse; anything that Tucker Carlson has said, is saying, or ever will say, or that; the Department of Justice withheld exculpatory evidence from defendants and the American people for more than two years?’, by chedmacq, via imgflip.com. And those who did this should be confined to the DC gulag for the remainder of their natural lives, and then some.

As we have stated prior, we stopped watching FNC in the early morning hours of Wednesday, November 4, 2020, when it became obvious that they were in on the election theft. In fact, other than clips of Tucker, we’ve kept to that boycott.

democRATs invented boycotting, and do it often. New York U.S. Senator UPchuck Schumer even accused Tucker of a “bald-face lie” regarding Carlson’s coverage of the January 6, 2021, videos being released by the House after Republicans took control. Stephen K. “Steve” Bannon does this too.

Being clean shaven has NOTHING to do with lying or not lying. The phrase is BOLD-faced lie. You are lying while putting on a BOLD-face to sell the lie. If it were “bald” then most women could never lie, which is silly.

‘True American Hero’, “TUCKER CARLSON MAKES AMERICA GREATER; BIDEN AND SON ARE AMERICAN TRAITORS”, by MIGMOT, via imgflip.com. Seeing known criminals disparage someone exposing their crimes is intriguing.

But Schumer wasn’t done, as on Tuesday, March 7, 2023, he also demanded FNC and Keith silence Tucker. Schumer is also the same guy who called for violence against Supreme Court Justices who voted the opposite of how he wanted them to.

The timeline gets even more interesting, as Tucker interviewed President Donald J. Trump on Tuesday, April 11, 2023, and then not even 13 full days later, this morning, he was gone.

Roughly in the middle of that time-frame, on Tuesday, April 18, 2023, FNC and Dominion Voting Systems (aka ‘election theft R us’, aka colluders with democRATs to steal ‘our democracy’ [SIC], aka scum) settled a lawsuit brought by the latter against the former for speaking truth to their alt-far-left-globalist power…grab.

“Carlson is doing his job and the job of fake journalists. It’s what should have been done long ago. True journalism.”, ‘THE LEFT HAS CHANGED THE MEANING OF SO MANY WORDS AND PHRASES, INCLUDING’, by Spurs-Fan-From-Around, via imgflip.com. There are few journalists now, with most being urinalists.

‘democracy’ [SIC] didn’t die in darkness, our Republic was murdered in the room ballots are counted in (the one with the paper over the windows and locked doors), and the date of the crime was November 3, 2020, AND Dominion had the knife in their hands.

There was NOTHING normal about the 2020 election, as anyone who has ever watched the results of prior elections knows. The U.S. House, U.S. Senate, Presidency, and other offices were stolen. Nobody sane votes for the people who did ‘the covid’ to them, and that was democRATs and RINOs.

Remember, this is post-Trump and the new standard for legal claims is you are guilty once accused and must prove your innocence. Dominion are demons in human form, just like democRATs, and deserve not a moment of peace or rest. Even their company name is evil!

“Folks, don’t be fooled. Rupert Murdoch (Australian) is a leftie.”, “I didn’t like that Tucker Carlson criticized and laughed at the Democrats. Therefore, I fired him.”, by PRESIDENT_ELECT_Right1, via imgflip.com. Keith will run out of baby blood soon, then God will fire that commie piece of shit.

Anyway, FNC is throwing almost $788 million at them, presumably to fund future election theft. So the lawsuit is now settled and now that Keith doesn’t need to muzzle Tucker Carlson, who was sure to be called to the witness stand during a trial, he was able to get rid of him. Does the same fate await Maria Bartiromo? Possibly.

Embarrassing to Tucker was some pre-trial discovery which revealed text messages (SMS; “Short Message/Messaging Service”) where he disparages President Trump. He doesn’t deny doing so (and they can be found online), but felt “enraged that my private texts were pulled”. Seemingly, they have patched things up though.

At least one urinalism source is claiming glee among staffers at FNC over Tucker’s departure. Of course, neo-cons, RINO’s and alt-far-leftists would be excited that a non-fellow traveler got the axe.

‘The January 6th Committee all lied’, “Public Enemy #1; because he tells the truth”, by Giantsquonk, via imgflip.com. The closer he got the more intense the attacks on him became.

Justin Wells, Tucker’s Senior Executive Producer, also left FNC with him. So it is obvious that Tucker is NOT done, and has some kind of plan up his sleeves. He is now finally free to ‘speak truth to power’, either somewhere else (just not making $35 MILLION a year, as reported about a month ago) OR follow the self-publishing model other former FNC hosts (Bill O’Reilly, MeAgain Kelly, Eric Bolling, others) have done.

The obvious options are OANN, NewsMax, TheFirst, and Real America’s Voice. The first two aren’t actually Conservative (or conservative), got rid of the people most like us who worked for them, and even colluded with the Biden regime to try and take market share from FNC.

That third entry on our list of possibles is filled with Trump haters, so that is also a no-go. So that leaves RAV, or going his own way (which is not a bad option). Either way, Tucker (worth almost $500 million) will be fine. We’ve got at least one idea (the main article image) for him to consider.

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