WEF Pet Grifter Scampers To Davos, After Mastering Money-Laundering And Bio-Labs Zelensky Set To Learn New Tricks



'President Biden', "ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS; IS MORE OF YOUR COUNTRIES MONEY", by Grampa, via imgflip.com
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Just admit it already, some of you were tricked into choosing #4 most corrupt country on Earth, Ukraine, over #7 most corrupt country on Earth, Russia, in the ‘Grift Bowl’. And shame on you. Also, shame on anyone who chose Russia.

Our standard disclaimer: WE are pro-American and believe in America first for Americans. If there is anything left to give after we are ALL okay, THEN we can help those in other countries IN PLACE (there, not by importing foreigners to vote reliably democRAT), as we used to do by sending experts and some limited aid.

‘Biden Claus Promises Everything To Zelenskyy’, “SURE THING! I WANT $50 BILLION MORE!”, by az_jared, via imgflip.com

As such, we are NOT pro-Ukraine and NOT pro-Russia. You don’t have to be one or the other. That is a false choice. You know MSM and democRATs lie, but on THIS issue you believe them?! On any issue?!

We have no business being involved in a war in Eastern Europe between two countries that are NOT our friends or allies. What we do need is a big enough hole to dump them both into and bury them.

‘Two different Presidents’, by der.fuhrer.i3unker.gmbh, via imgflip.com. Relax, ‘der fuhrer’ just means ‘the leader’. The idiot made some good memes.

The left claims Trump was pro-Putin. On May 21, 2020, because of ‘the covid’, President Trump sent a “humanitarian-aid package” to Russia. It included ventilators and the total amount of aid was $5.6 million. There was no endless ‘credit line’ as democRATs and RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) have done with Ukraine.

‘Keep…’, by der.fuhrer.i3unker.gmbh, via imgflip.com. Relax, ‘der fuhrer’ just means ‘the leader’. The idiot made some good memes.

Zelensky is heading to January’s World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland. The new trick he will learn is how to get ‘BlackRock’ to rebuild his country while the USA pays for it. It will involve new ‘loans’ for that purpose, but the ‘loans’ will NEVER be repaid, so are they really ‘loans’? No, this is just a way to funnel money to BlackRock CEO Larry Fink.

‘Liberal IDEALS indeed, corruption.’, “Welcome to the most CORRUPT nation in Europe The Guardian 2015; The fight for Ukraine is a fight for Liberal IDEALS The Guardian 2022”, by Ambistical, via imgflip.com

According to the Ukranian President’s website today, “…the BlackRock team has been working for several months on a project to advise the Ukrainian government on how to structure the country’s reconstruction funds.”

‘Foreign Entanglements’, by DhMor1, via imgflip.com

It is Winter. We have potholes* and other infrastructure problems, homeless, struggling veterans, and many other issues. The money to fix those is going to BlackRock to rebuild Ukraine so they can keep laundering money so democRATs can keep stealing elections (TWO IN A ROW NOW!) and funding it that way.

‘Wake up’, by Memcorio, via imgflip.com

What is wrong with those of you who take no issue with the USA sending over $130 BILLION to Ukraine (and counting) since Biden usurped power in 2020? Trump’s border wall would have cost approximately $14 billion, so over NINE of those…so far.

‘border no, ukraine yes’, by der.fuhrer.i3unker.gmbh, via imgflip.com. Relax, ‘der fuhrer’ just means ‘the leader’. The idiot made some good memes.

You know that democRATs accuse we on the Right of being Nazis (national SOCIALISTS), but there are actual Nazis in Ukraine, and have been since the 1940’s! That is what you are supporting.

’10 percent to the big guy’, by Memcorio, via imgflip.com

And why do you have Ukraine flags all over your social(IST) media accounts?! Ukraine helped democRATs impeach President Trump! So please, learn to think for yourselves or go ahead and switch parties already. Oh, and if you stay on your current path…fuck you!

*Yes, we know federal money doesn’t go directly for local potholes, but at some point all money is fungible.

“CeeLo Green – FUCK YOU (Official Video)” — THIS is age restricted, but trans shit is not… And for purposes of this article, YOU Ukraine (or Russia) lovers are ‘the Heartbreaker’.
‘Selling Your Ass to The Big Guy’, “There’s an old saying; Be Careful What You Ask For; You wanna be President of your own country? Get Billions of $ to support US propaganda? You don’t know the price you will pay; your ass may end up belonging to “The Big Guy””, by ElCapitaz, via imgflip.com

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