Burn Down Biden Crime Family, Desperate Hunter’s Threats Won’t Stop U.S. House Investigation Of democRAT Grifters



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By now you’ve either heard about the movie ‘My Son Hunter‘ (A Robert Davi Film starring Gina Carano, Laurence Fox, and John James) or are living under a rock. Even if only a small percentage of the events depicted in that movie were true, and it is likely higher, then Hunter belongs in prison and his father should be in the cell right next to him awaiting his execution for treason.

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Just as Republicans are about to take control of the U.S. House of Representatives (and January 3, 2023, can’t get here quickly enough), word is that Hunter is not waiting for the investigations to begin and plans on going after anyone involved, including witnesses and Congressmen.

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To that end, Hunter has enlisted Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris to develop a strategy which includes playing both offense and defense. That includes suing anyone who dares speak truth to his father’s usurped power, which provides Hunter protection for his many crimes while claiming defamation.

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The only problem is that defamation is “the action of damaging the good reputation of someone; slander or libel”, and Hunter does not and never has had a good reputation. He is a drug addict and child molester (just like dad), and his own laptop proves it.

‘He’s Devout’, “My son’s religion? Crystal Methodist”, by unknown, via celebmagazine.com

Race-hoaxer Joe and other Biden Cartel members are said to prefer letting others do their defending, as obviously for Joe, that maximizes his napping time and minimizes the amount of drugs they have to use to prop him up.

The aggressive plan involves so-called opposition research on former business partners and even the repairman at the computer shop where Hunter stupidly left his crime-infested laptop for repair.

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Lawyer Morris should also be investigated as he reportedly gave known-drug addict Hunter $2 million to cover back taxes. Congress needs to ask him how he thought he would even be paid back, or if Joe did that with government funds.

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Morris also keeps pushing Hunter to be more involved with art. Obviously, he has never seen Hunter’s ‘art’ or is on drugs himself. Hunter’s ‘art’ is obviously being purchased as part of a money-laundering scheme…just look at it!

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Money-laundering is a very common activity, and prevalent in the art world. Even eBay isn’t immune. If you’ve ever seen a fairly common item sell for a high price on that site…that is what happened (we verified it with Reps there).

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Leftists also claim that Hunter isn’t a member of the government, but yet he has flown all over the world on government planes to conduct his risky schemes. Joe Biden is obviously controlled by foreign powers, most likely communist China and Ukraine.

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So far, Joe’s handlers are opposed to the aggressive strategy, and want Hunter to remain out of sight. They also say they won’t comply with Congressional subpoenas, but when those are sent to Republicans they must be complied with. We can’t let leftists keep getting away with that double-standard.

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Republicans are vowing to expose how deep the Biden rabbit hole goes. The problem is, many of those deals also included adult ‘children’ of other prominent democRAT politicians.

Joe Biden strong-armed Ukraine into ending an investigation of his son Hunter, John Kerry’s stepson (Christopher Heinz) and namesake nephew of Boston mobster James “Whitey” Bulger; Jim Bulger, son of (D if for duplicitous) William “Billy” Bulger (democRAT president of the Massachusetts state Senate from 1978 to 1996) who is Whitey’s brother.

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Joe then paid Ukraine $1+ BILLION when they fired the prosecutor. Even Paul Pelosi Jr. was involved in Ukraine, and his mother Nancy appeared in a video presentation for the energy company he was connected to. THAT is all collusion with Ukraine by democRATs and funding that war is their way of covering it up.

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Allegedly, the ‘justice department’ is also looking into Hunter for gun and tax charges, but don’t hold your breath that anything will come of that. At least not until Merrick Garland rounds up every parent protecting their children from groomers in local government schools.

‘A Little End-of-War Humor’, “Joe’s First Failed Pullout”, by unknown on imgflip.com, via celebmagazine.com. Then #2 was Afghanistan.

It has been proven already that Hunter relied on his father to pull off his ‘deals. Yet Hunter wants to drag total innocents like Rudy Giuliani and Eric Trump into this, along with once reliable new source and current Trump haters ‘Faux Snews’ (AKA Fox News). That should work out as well as his Navy career did.

“Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories: Rick James – Chappelle’s Show” — just the catchphrase.

Until held accountable, all Biden’s are national security risks as Joe just proved with his ‘trade’. Republicans can’t let them get away with it. The Biden Crime Family must be torn into a thousand pieces and scattered to the four winds. Or burned down.

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