Great Reset Comes For Holidays, 2022 Sees Drugs Look Like Candy & Thanksgiving Skipped For Cost & No Christmas Jobs



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The globalist left is at war with normality and anyone still clinging to it, and their goal is to destroy Western civilization…including holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are all in their sights.

Although the real threat at Halloween has always been traffic accidents, as that day sees a 42% rise in pedestrian fatalities per Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), there has always been a risk of contaminated food being given out as well.

Threats like pins, poison and razor blades in candy bars or apples are urban myths going back to the 1950’s and research shows that there is no evidence anyone was actually ever injured by such contamination. Now the threat has moved to DefCon 1 though.

‘Me when it is finally October’, by unknown, from imgflip.com, via lolalambchops.com

Fentanyl (usually made in communist China and smuggled over the Mexican border) is very dangerous and designed to kill, as 2 out of every 3 drug deaths are now tied to it or another synthetic opioid. Adults want to get high to forget about life (even just briefly), and they don’t give a flying fuck if the pills are rainbow colored.

In August, 2022, a new ‘rainbow’ Fentanyl, which comes in various colors, sizes and shapes appeared suddenly. Leftstream media urinalists insist it isn’t, but we believe it is 100% designed to attract children! Nothing else makes sense.

We see a very real possibility that some pro-abortion nutjob will drop a candy bar AND a rainbow Fentanyl pill into an unlucky child’s basket and if the parents don’t inspect the candy horde first…the end result is unthinkable. And there would be no way to trace it back to the guilty party.

This is just the latest way that leftists target our kids, with the others being abortion, the masks and lockdowns which inhibited normal development across all ages, and the new ‘trans’ push.

‘Quickest way to pick a fight on Thanksgiving’, by unknown, from imgflip.com via lolalambchops.com

As for Thanksgiving, we’ve long had a tradition of U.S. Presidents pardoning a turkey. Now with Bidenflation Joe is pardoning you from affording a turkey.

A new poll (with various questions, so it won’t add up to 100%…) reveals that 25% of Americans are going to skip celebrating Thanksgiving totally. It also showed answers such as 20% aren’t even sure they can afford the Thanksgiving meal, 33% expect their meal won’t be as large as normal, and 45% said they were stressed financially by the meal.

In addition, 88% said they would eliminate one dish from the meal, 28% won’t travel at all to celebrate, 32% will compare prices when shopping, and 28% will buy a smaller turkey than normal.

‘This Thanksgiving add this new twist…’, by unknown, via bemorepanda.com

Normally, about 90% celebrate Thanksgiving no matter what, and this year the number plummeted to 70%. Welcome to Usurper in Thief Joe Biden’s Amerika.

What do the left have in store (pun intended, we couldn’t resist) for Christmas?

They have hated the Christmas holiday, which is meant as a celebration of the life of Jesus Christ, for years now. We all remember a few years ago when stores, led by Target, stopped having their employees say “Merry Christmas” at the checkout register.

‘Christmas tip…’ by unknown, from boredpanda.com, via timesofindia.indiatimes.com

As part of Bidenflation and the annihilation of all Western economies, having to prioritize where your limited money supply is spent affects all of us. Holidays, as we’ve seen with the Thanksgiving survey, are the first things to take a hit (along with vacations).

So, with fewer people buying, or people merely buying less, there is less of a need for seasonal employees. We personally know people who take on seasonal work so they can enjoy the holiday season more, by spending more on gifts and meals with the money they earn. That is now out the window.

A new survey reveals that fewer businesses will be hiring seasonal workers this holiday season. Especially small businesses. So what? Well, per the Small Business Administration (SBA), 99.9% of all businesses in the USA are small businesses.

‘He sees you…’, by Daisy Cherry, via pinterest.com.au

In fact, just 7% of those will be hiring additional holiday workers. In 2021, that number was 36%! So, when you can’t find someone to help you at a store, you’ll know why. And 43% are also buying less inventory, so when you can’t find a product you’ll understand why too.

And when you hear about giant companies hiring a certain number of people this holiday season, just remember that is just 0.1% of the story. Another example of the MSM hiding the truth in order to push their left-wing agenda. Vote for Conservatives and they will return holidays to normal.

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