Intentionally Selectively Evil, Insidious democRATs Repeatedly Alternate Between Denying Science And Proclaiming It



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Only the intellectually dishonest stake a claim to one opinion, then switch to its opposite only to later change back and start the cycle again, over and over. democRATs do that, but are NOT stupid…they are insidious and evil.

Now they are trying to hold both sides of the coin as true at the same time but on different issues, namely 1) how your sex (they say “gender”) is determined, and 2) when life begins.

Let’s be honest, Stacey Abrams looks like she ate another entire person, also named Stacey Abrams, and isn’t the least bit sorry about it.

“What do you even call this stupidity? IT’S LETHAL TO BE PREGNANT IN GEORGIA IF YOU ARE A BLACK WOMAN; SCUSE ME?” by JAWILLI via

Abrams went so far as to claim recently that, even with modern science, we do not know when pregnancy begins. She was asked, “Were you to become governor, where would you draw the line? 15 weeks? Viability? 36 weeks? What’s the limit?”

“The arbitrary standards of timelines ignore the medical reality that it is a fallacy we know exactly when a pregnancy starts.”, Stacey said, then gap-tooth grinned like the shitstain she is. Yet democRATs proclaim they are the party of ‘the science’.

Abrams also claimed that fetal heartbeats are not real. “There is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks. It is a manufactured sound designed to convince people men have a right to take control of a woman’s body.”

“Rules for thee and not for me. STACEY ABRAMS WANTS STATE GOVERNMENT MASK MANDATES; FOR GEORGIANS AND THEIR CHILDREN.” by Megatone65 via THIS is child abuse!

Forget that actual science, such as a baby’s DNA is 50% from both the mother and father, so it is a unique being and NOT “a part of the mother”[sic]. The science of audio devices is quite advanced and there is no market for artificially creating baby heartbeats, bitch.

In 2019, the year after Stacey tried to steal the Georgia Governorship, the state passed a law banning virtually all abortions once a doctor could detect a fetal heartbeat, which is usually around six weeks into development.

Oddly, at 2548 weeks old today Stacey Abrams still has no heartbeat, but then again, she is a medical anomaly AND the first ‘Hutt’ to run for political office (on Earth, anyway).

“stacey abrams responds to the sotu” by Jabba the Slut via

Should Abrams defeat Brian Kemp (the RINO fucker that helped her steal Georgia in 2020 for Biden, along with the two U.S. Senate seats), she has promised to increase abortions claiming it was “driving doctors and nurses out of the state” as well as “driving jobs away.” But if it (not killing a baby) saves just one life…right? RIGHT?!

Alt-far-left-communist-democRATs are even pushing the idea that although they, as adults, do not know what a woman is, somehow babies in the womb know if they are trans or not…despite not being human in the womb but rather just a cluster of cells. This is an amazing breakthrough in the study of functional insanity!

Bringing up the rear… (as in the last picture for this article, get your mind out of the gutter!) “This is Stacey Abrams on a selfie in bathroom forgetting mirror reflected her whole body, and mistakenly sent out. Since Dems thrive on proof’s, here is how Stacey is not a thorough person.” by Brock Reynolds @TivlumunAminde on Is it real? Who knows, but she is insufferably evil and it is funny.

In a video posted by Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) they claimed “So most of the patients we have in the clinic know their gender, usually around the age of puberty. But a good portion of children do know as early as seemingly – from the womb.”

This alleged hospital is known to rush children (legally defined as those under 18) into mutilating and sterilizing themselves so the hospital can gain monetarily from the sadistic act.

The video from the butchers pretending to be doctors who come from a university that is no longer a place of education (BCH is affiliated with Harvard), is an excuse for their own Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSBP) actions. We used to help people with mental health issues, now we let them (including mentally ill doctors and politicians) decide what normal is.

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