How Dare You!, Communist Who Married Her Way Into House Seat Shuns Criticism Of Biden Intentionally Destroying Economy



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Thursday August 25, 2022, saw Usurper in Thief Joe Biden’s latest risky scheme to 100% intentionally crash the U.S. economy revealed and if you guess forgiving college debt you won. Meanwhile, America lost as SOMEONE will pay that debt back and that someone will be ALL taxpayers. Plus the bonus is we don’t get to repossess those expensive educations.

One person doing a victory lap and slapping down the logic of how evil the action is was Debbie Dingell (D is for Debacle) who derided “armchair economists” as if you need to be an economist or sitting in an armchair pretending to be one to know spending money you don’t fucking have is the wrong thing to do always. So unlike home loans or car loans or any other kind of loan you can imagine, student loans are null and void and the result will be higher Bidenflation for everyone. Yay!

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Dingellberry then attacked people who pay their bills by claiming falsely that we “aren’t really working hard to try to solve some of our nation’s problems” and “take shots” just to “get attention”, saying she is “really tired” of them. Bitch I didn’t cause your problems nor anyone else’s.

Debbie…does Detroit…then admitted that she had “a lot of feelings about this because I don’t think it solved a lot of the problems”. But it sure created more. She added that people had stress about how to pay back that debt. Well they damn well should have considered that before signing the papers and taking to money to spend on an education that didn’t bring in enough money via a job to pay back the LOAN they took.

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Debs concluded that she thinks “Biden has done a lot in the last few weeks to address many of the problems that are facing us in this country.” Yeppers, he is making them all worse then going on repeated vacations while building a border wall…around his own fucking house. What America is tired of is country club communists who party maskless while we are locked down.

As for the headline, we are aware the Dinger was elected to the seat after her husband retired, just as you leftists are aware there is ZERO chance she ever gets elected to that seat if she doesn’t marry a man 27 years older than her who spent 59 years holding that seat…you just won’t admit it. College students must feel extra special now. The opposite of how the rest of us feel. It used to be illegal to buy votes.

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