Biden Unveils Special USPS Unit to Ensure Stolen Elections Continue



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Not content with stealing President Donald Trump’s 2nd term and making his 4th SCOTUS pick, Joe Biden has decided to further usurp power (this time from the States, which have always run their own) by abusing elections just as Lena Dunham treats a post abortion pizza.

This new ‘Election and Government Mail Services’ group at the United States Postal Service (USPS) is being described as a “permanent division” so there is no doubt the left will continue to try and steal power they can’t possibly win in a fair process well into the future.

The group members are being referred to as “strike teams” which given that the USPS has been buying ammunition since the Obama years should raise alarms. Biden is just resuming policies that saw the IRS, National Weather Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Dept. of Education(!!), and Department of Homeland Security (who fail daily to protect the interior of America from the illegal aliens the Border Patrol lets in in the first place) buy large amounts of ammo, magazines and even guns since at least 2012 (the year Obama and Biden faced reelection, by the way).

The problem arises from the power grab of 2020 and the conflation of Absentee voting (which requires a request, proper ID, and a chain of custody) with the newly invented “mail-in voting” which has NO safeguards built in, and also ignored the signatures on file at EVERY Board of Elections across America. Ask a leftist why those signatures are on file if they aren’t going to use them for ID verification when voting and be prepared to be called ‘muh racist’ or something vile.

The “mail-in voting” also saw people receive multiple ballots as well as ballots being delivered to vacant lots and empty buildings. Reports also showed people who had moved to other states as well as dead people receiving ballots (one case of a Detroit man who would have been 118 and died in 1984 showed he still managed to vote for Biden in 2020).

Ballots in 2020 were also allegedly received back for counting in record time after being mailed out (and anyone who has dealt with USPS knows that would be miraculous if it just happened once, let alone tens of thousands of times within a short period). In addition ballots were allegedly mailed out and back in without ever having been folded and since those are the same size as the ones you use when voting in person (ie, long and wide; that’s what she said) that is 100% physically impossible, and again the USPS was handling them when they weren’t mangled…somehow.

The USPS is now sending out what they refer to as “guidance letters” to the election officials in all states and territories in this attempt to take control. We will see if the states decide to sue or otherwise counter the move to take power from them.

In addition to all of this the left introduced “drop boxes” for ballots and we all know from both common sense and ‘2000 Mules’ how those were abused. And this was all on top of the electronic voting machines, which as anyone who has ever written code can attest are actually ridiculously easy to manipulate. Leftists may have altered forever how U.S. elections are conducted and who controls them. We need to now hope Republicans can somehow against all odds regain control in the November 2022 midterm elections and undo the changes that have taken place since 2020 so we can return to free and fair elections.

One way to make that happen is to volunteer to work as an election judge, observer or whatever term your local areas uses. Also remember that there are always supposed to be an equal number of Democrats AND Republicans in the room when ballots are being cast OR counted. If the commies try and remove you from the room record video on your phone and call the police right away. To get set up as a poll worker in your area contact your local Republican Party.

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